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Era Tech is a Trusted Mobile App Development Agency
Turn your ideas into outstanding digital products.

Sticking to your business objectives, tech veterans at Era Tech foster enterprise growth through advanced mobile technology. Whether building a single-page interface or the most complex portal, our user-centric mobile app development approach gets you an incredible software application that conveys your messages unambiguously.

Want to create a web or mobile application, but you’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry, Era Tech is your digital’s partner. We specialize in building end-to-end solutions, with our experts ready to help you in every step of the way, from product ideation all the way to maintenance and support. Front-end or back-end, native app or cross-platform—we help you specify your needs and code your ideas by turning them into successful, market-ready jewels.

Era Tech is a Trusted Mobile App Development Agency

From iOS and Android apps to complex Web applications, we design and build digital products with leading technology. Era Tech develops mobile Phone applications for your business needs, we create mobile applications that keep your business growing and make your users satisfied.

Our Strategic App Development Approach will place you at the forefront of your service niche In this mobile-enabled world, a mobile app development company can play a crucial role for your business, whether you need a custom Android or native iOS application, Era Tech can offer cutting-edge app development services for start-ups & businesses that use the full power of new mobile technology. What creates our application engineering truly special, though, is we don’t just provide you with an off-the-peg solution.

Instead, we profoundly dive into the mobile apps development you are eager to have, with our years of practice in the field to generate a comprehensive app strategy in which your application is the main element. By focusing on the target audience and their expertise with application development, we record the mobile instants and the mobile experience you require to provide. We take into account time to market, deployment environment, scalability, and mobile platform, while making sure analytics are in place to follow the app’s performance formerly it’s in use. Era Tech has established itself as one of the leading mobile app development companies with a team of 100+ associates ensuring perfectly designed and productively crafted solutions with the finest possible return on your venture in mobile technology.

Our Capabilities are driven by three key Concepts


Mobile First Matters

It is vital, though, that you place mobile at the head of your offering, creating mobile moments at every main phase of your customer’s journey. This is how you motivate commitment and reinforce customer constancy in the mobile age.


Build and Test

Our team is practiced with the most cutting-edge mobile technology, development stages, and working procedures. Our mobile app developers merge these key components to make outstanding mobility solutions of the highest possible standards.

Measure and Optimize

No matter how much we like the app, the only actual dimension of its superiority comes from the customers: how are they reacting to the mobile experience you’ve formed for them? We can determine your app’s performance once it is made accessible, suggesting how to twist and optimize the product along the method.

A Trusted Partner

Era Tech has carved a niche for itself by offering high-quality and end-to-end mobile app development services to clients from various business verticals. With our innovative and technology-driven approach, we create mobile apps that mitigate risk factors and offer exceptional user experience.

With over 10+ years of experience and more than 1000+ project accomplishments, we take great pride in offering out-of-the-box custom app development services to our clients. With utmost transparency and professionalism, we have earned the trust and respect of our esteemed clientele.

Era Tech has carved a niche for itself by offering high-quality

100% Transparency

You will be in the loop throughout the app development process. Our mobile app developer will ensure that your valuable inputs and directions are taken into account to build an impeccable and superior app.


100% Confidentiality

You can rest assured of confidentiality. We have resources and technologies that facilitate us to keep your data and other vital information safe and secure.

Deployment in a Stipulated Time-Period

We understand your urgency to make your app live to get a competitive edge. We are a top mobile app development company that delivers and deploys a fully-functional app within the decided time period.

A Happy & Content Client List

Since our inception, we have served more than 500 clients across 25 different countries that are happy and content with our valuable and comprehensive mobile app development solutions.

Our areas of excellence and expertise in custom mobile app development

iPhone app

Constellation of star iOS developers ensuring uncompromised app performance

Android App

Technology with a tinge of art from Android developers makes your app a class apart

iPad App

Rich knowledge in developing iPad apps makes us a prominent and dependent force

Cross Platform App Development

Create apps that renders the same look, feel & functionalities across devices and platforms, with rich UX

Augmented Reality App

Our expert app developer renders articulate AR apps that help you stay well ahead of your peers

Wearable Device App

Our seasoned wearables experts are creative yet smart at ensuring the best performance

Virtual Reality App

Pool of Amazing VR app developers to provide impeccable app development service

iBeacon App

It primarily comprises of advertisements or little data packets, to broadcast at frequent intervals

Entrepreneurs Definitive Guide on App Development

The process of mobile app development may seem overwhelming for entrepreneurs but with talented app developers and expert technology consultants by your side to show the path, the process becomes hassle-free. So, to help, we have enlisted the crucial aspects of app idea validation, app development cost estimation, mobile app development guide, UI/UX app design, and more for the entrepreneurs to build a perspective on the mobile app development landscape. 

Why are we the best among the app development companies?

Know our specialties in application development


We believe in quality and constantly provide in building infrastructure which enables us to serve a client’s requirements; state-of-the-art project association systems, the latest hardware, professional skills and more

Experienced Team

With over 10 years of experience, our team of dedicated app developers have built Native and Hybrid mobile apps for enterprise, Startups, and agencies. Our experienced team delivers cutting-edge and the most efficient solutions


We develop user-friendly mobile apps with high scalability that attract more users towards your app and eventually, more downloads. Our team believe in building more user-oriented apps as per markets trends


We can combine accessible backend systems by creating service layers on top of it, or can build SOA-based middle tiers to leverage different backend systems or heterogeneous databases

Worldwide Approach

We think worldwide but acts locally. We convene you to decide what your requirements are. This worldwide/local approach has proven to be the most resourceful and successful for everyone involved

Project Delivery

With our developmental team - we communicate and help with one another to make a client relaxed and sure in our services. These ethnicities make easy fast implementation and deliver results

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile App Development

I already have a mobile website. Do I need a mobile app now?

Solely depending on the business objective, those who want to reach a wide range of visitors opt for a mobile-friendly website (responsive). Nevertheless, if you primarily focus on delivering the best user experience which, in turn, brings more leads and promising business growth, a mobile app is the choice.

How Era Tech converts my ‘idea’ into a stunning mobile app?

Our business and technology consultants offer their expertise to work on feasibility. All you need is to explain your idea or business objectives to our experts. Our experts will then delve deeper into it and come up with a proper strategy for your app idea and then suggest the advantageous platform and POC (proof of concept) for your mobile app. Once finalized, we then implement the plan and convert your thoughts or idea into a perfect mobile app.

Which industry verticals do you cater app development services to?

From the healthcare industry to retail, and finance to entertainment, Era Tech has served almost all the industries under the sun. Our business and technology consultants can help you design, develop, and maintain customized mobile apps and websites. Whether a single-page app or a complex eCommerce portal, we can help you build the best solution to ease your business processes.

How do I know that my mobile app would be a standard and quality product?

Proof of Concept (POC), Mobile prototype, and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) are the ways to ensure that the product is going to be result-oriented. Our consultants focus on mobile app prototyping that validates strategic designing for the mobile app. Moreover, such a prototype would reflect the original app and help in studying the user experience.

How do you define your best practices in developing the perfect mobile app solutions?

The mobile app development cycle is not linear, as changes in the requirements are unavoidable. It is for this reason, the agile development method is practiced at Era Tech which enables the app developer adopt changes and render flexibility to the product. Our unique app development method allows the testers to review the progress and ensure that the project is in line with the business objectives. Long story short, agile development makes your mobile app better and scalable while it is getting built.

How much does it cost to develop an application?

There is no one figure that can be estimated to develop mobile application on Android or iOS platform. The costs, as in any other products development, depend on the complexity of the app. For instance, a single page mobile app would cost you way cheaper than a full-fledged multi-tier eCommerce portal. Our business and technology consultants are here to help you with the cost of the app. You can discuss the business objectives and requirements with our app development experts to have an idea about the budget. Moreover, do check our different hiring models.

How to hire professional mobile app developers?

Era Tech is a client-centric mobile app development company and, therefore, we have designed our ‘hiring models’ in a way that they are affordable to all – from individuals to mid-sized companies to MNCs.

The three basic hiring models for our app development services include:

o Dedicated Team based hiring

Works as a monthly rolling contract, the entire team works on your app development project dedicatedly. You would be paying for only measurable work or tasks.

o Fix Priced based hiring

It’s a onetime fixed cost for your app development project. Our business and technology consultants will work to look into the app development project to come up with a fixed cost and timeline.

o Hourly based hiring

You are charged hourly. Here, the mobile app development project with no defined objective or the tasks that are ongoing or require frequent changes are covered. You’ll pay as you use the experts hourly.

How do I track my mobile app development project?

When the project is kick started, we give you a timeline for each milestone. You will be provided with all the updates for each milestone during the mobile app development project lifecycle. Also, you can, in between, ask for the progress as well. We will be happy to provide you with needed information.

How is the app maintenance taken care of post-production?

While most app development companies have gloomy plans for the maintenance of the applications they develop, Era Tech walks an extra mile to assure you that the project does not get finished once the app is launched. An app is like a plant that requires care and nourishment. Our after-sales/maintenance service contract tackles every hitch that may affect your business growth. We help you maintain the application for a specific period as mentioned in the contract so that it remains up and running

Why should I select Era Tech as a mobile app development company?

Era Tech has been serving businesses with its bespoke IT solutions since 2011. With over 500 clientele bases internationally, we believe that business should be beyond any monetary gains. Hence, we aim to have a long-term relationship with each of our esteemed clients. That said, you can bank on us as we not just listen to your requirements, but also put our earnest efforts to get you tailored IT solutions.

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