Boosting Occupancy Rates for “Sunrise Sands” Beach Resort


Sunrise Sands” Beach Resort was grappling with consistently low occupancy rates, resulting in underutilized facilities and revenue loss.



Low occupancy rates led to decreased revenue, reduced guest satisfaction, and difficulty in covering operational costs. 

Era Tech's Solution:

  • Comprehensive SEO Strategy: Era Tech conducted a thorough keyword analysis to identify high-intent search terms related to beach getaways. By optimizing the resort’s website and creating location-specific landing pages, we aimed to improve organic search rankings and attract more potential guests. 
  • Strategic Paid Advertising: We designed targeted PPC campaigns to capture the attention of travelers actively searching for beach vacations. Our ad placements across search engines and social media platforms would direct potential guests to the resort’s website. 
  • Engaging Social Media Campaigns: Era Tech created captivating social media content showcasing the resort’s stunning beachfront, activities, and amenities. Interactive posts and user-generated content campaigns would foster engagement and inspire bookings. 

Potential Outcomes:

  • 20% Increase in Occupancy: Through enhanced online visibility and engagement, “Sunrise Sands” could potentially witness a 20% rise in occupancy rates. 
  • Improved Revenue: Higher occupancy rates would lead to increased revenue, allowing the resort to invest in further amenities and guest experiences. 

Why Era Tech's Services?

  • Era Tech’s tailored strategies focus on addressing “Sunrise Sands'” specific challenges. Our expertise in SEO, paid advertising, and social media management uniquely positions us to drive tangible results and maximize occupancy rates.