Client: David Lee, Healthcare industry. 


David Lee’s healthcare business was struggling to connect with their target audience and generate patient leads. They were looking for a digital marketing partner to help them improve their online presence and increase brand awareness. 


David Lee decided to work with Era Tech Agency, a digital marketing agency with expertise in the healthcare industry. The agency performed an audit of the client’s existing digital marketing efforts and identified areas for improvement. 


Based on the audit findings, Era Tech Agency developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for David Lee’s healthcare business. The strategy included: 


Social Media Advertising: The agency developed and implemented targeted social media advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These campaigns helped the client reach their ideal patient demographics and increase brand awareness. 


Content Marketing: The agency developed a content marketing strategy that included blog posts, articles, and other educational content that addressed common healthcare issues and questions. This helped establish the client as a thought leader in the industry and drive traffic to their website. 


Email Marketing: The agency developed and implemented an email marketing campaign to nurture leads and increase patient retention. The campaign included personalized emails that addressed patients’ specific healthcare needs and interests. 


Thanks to the digital marketing efforts of Era Tech Agency, David Lee’s healthcare business saw significant improvements in patient leads and brand awareness. The results included: 


50% increase in patient leads 

70% increase in social media engagement 

Improved patient retention rates. 

These results were achieved within the first six months of working with Era Tech Agency, and the client continues to see growth and success. David Lee is grateful for the guidance and support of Era Tech Agency, and highly recommends their services to other healthcare businesses looking to improve their online presence.