Driving Direct Bookings for “Mountain Retreat” Lodge


Mountain Retreat” Lodge heavily relied on third-party booking platforms, resulting in high commission fees and limited control over guest interactions. 



Third-party dependency led to reduced revenue due to commission fees and inhibited direct guest relationships. 

Era Tech's Solution:

  • User-Friendly Website Redesign: Era Tech revamped the lodge’s website with an intuitive booking interface, compelling visuals, and persuasive copy, making it easy for guests to book directly. 

Direct Booking Incentives: We crafted exclusive offers and incentives for guests who book directly through the lodge’s website, such as discounted rates or complimentary amenities. 

Potential Outcomes:

  • 30% Increase in Direct Bookings: By encouraging direct bookings, “Mountain Retreat” could experience a significant 30% rise in revenue from direct reservations. 
  • Cost Savings: Reduced reliance on third-party platforms would result in substantial commission fee savings. 

Why Era Tech's Services?

  • Era Tech’s integrated approach, combining website optimization, direct booking incentives, and data-driven email campaigns, empowers “Mountain Retreat” to establish a strong direct booking channel and enhance revenue.