Elevating Event Bookings for “Harborview Events” Conference Center


Harborview Events” Conference Center faced challenges in attracting event bookings, particularly from corporate clients and event planners. 



Low event bookings led to underutilization of event spaces, decreased revenue, and reduced visibility in the events industry. 

Era Tech's Solution:

  • Strategic Event Microsite: Era Tech created a dedicated microsite showcasing the conference center’s versatile event spaces, amenities, and past successful events to appeal to event planners. 
  • Content Marketing: We developed blog posts, infographics, and case studies highlighting the benefits of hosting events at “Harborview Events,” establishing the center as a premier choice for corporate gatherings. 
  • LinkedIn Outreach: Era Tech engaged in personalized outreach on LinkedIn to connect with event planners, showcase the conference center’s offerings, and establish valuable industry connections. 

Potential Outcomes:

  • 40% Increase in Event Bookings: With a focused event marketing approach, “Harborview Events” could achieve a significant 40% rise in event bookings. 

Why Era Tech's Services?

  • Era Tech’s event-focused microsite, content marketing expertise, and targeted LinkedIn outreach cater to “Harborview Events'” unique challenges and position the center as an attractive choice for event planners.