Targeting Niche Audiences for “Historic Charm” Boutique Inn


Historic Charm” Boutique Inn struggled to attract specific niche audiences, such as history enthusiasts and cultural travelers.



Failing to connect with niche audiences resulted in missed revenue opportunities and limited differentiation from competitors. 

Era Tech's Solution:

  • Niche Audience Research: Era Tech conducted in-depth research to understand the preferences, interests, and online behaviors of history enthusiasts and cultural travelers. 
  • Tailored Content Creation: We crafted engaging blog posts, articles, and social media content that highlighted the inn’s historical significance, local cultural experiences, and curated tours. 

Potential Outcomes:

  • 25% Decrease in Booking Abandonment: A mobile-optimized website and app could potentially result in a 25% reduction in booking abandonment rates. 
  • Increased Mobile Bookings: The improved mobile experience would attract more tech-savvy travelers, leading to an increase in mobile bookings. 

Why Era Tech's Services?

  • Era Tech’s meticulous niche audience research, tailored content, and precise targeting strategies make us the ideal partner to connect “Historic Charm” with specific audiences and drive revenue growth.